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Highly trained instructional designer with 6+ years experience in education, curriculum development, creative and educational writing, and digital editing, as well as managing multiple teams and projects across different subject matters. Skilled in written and verbal communication, project management, and data assessment for both classroom and corporate settings. Experience working with a variety of languages, most notably Hebrew and Spanish, supervising English Language Learning teachers in curriculum building and implementation. Passionate educator advocating for equity within the workplace and in schools. Innovative, creative thinker with a strong commitment to learning and growing through practice, problem solving, and clear communication. Ability to translate complex ideas to diverse groups of both adult and young learners. 



Senior Curriculum Developer and Instructional Designer

Writers Circle

• Developed interactive trainings for leadership team using platforms such as Nearpod, Canva, Trello, Adobe Spark, Adobe Acrobat, and Genially that resulted in measurable performance improvements in key objectives.

• Integrated media into the classroom and into the school, training others on the benefits and solutions aided by programs such as Adobe, Nearpod, Vyond, and Genially could bring to data collection, assessment, and closing educational gaps.

• Managed multiple projects simultaneously with a team, ensuring performance, quality, strategy and timelines were achieved.

• Used strategic planning to develop organized curriculum maps in coordination with senior leadership team.

• Performed one-on-one coaching with clients that require customized training tailored to individual learning types and ages.


History Teacher

BelovEd Community Charter School

• Created and delivered high-impact curriculum, translated into presentations and assessments using multiple platforms, including Nearpod, Schoology, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Nearpod, and Vyond.

• Heavily contributed as a valuable team member in the collaborations of curriculum development for classrooms as well as department trainings.

• Produced and delivered Train the Trainer materials for career development and task management. Used Adobe Reader to help exchange and edit material for trainees.

• Created virtual walkthroughs for participants using diverse technology to help facilitate the shift from in-classroom to online learning

• Collected and organized data to analyze the resources and areas of growth as well as resources available within the surrounding community.


Language Arts and Reading Teacher

Winston School of Short Hills

• Used strategic planning to develop organized curriculum maps in coordination with senior leadership team.

• Documented various data points with extreme accuracy for strict compliance records using Adobe Reader to help collect and convert data into comprehensive digital documents.

• Performed one-on-one coaching with clients and developed customized training tailored to individual learning types, including ADHD and educational anxiety.


English Language Learning Curriculum Developer and Curriculum Supervisor

TALMA Israel 

• Designed and researched curriculum and learning methods for ELL students in an Israeli classroom, working closely beside bilingual educators and educational leadership teams and strategists.

• Suggested and implemented modification for diverse learners.

• Supervised and trained educators on learning theories and curriculum design.

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